The Walk in My Shoes Experience

Event Date: 
Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 8:00am to 4:00pm


For the 2020 Community MLK Celebration, we're offering UVA students, faculty, and administration a special opportunity to walk in the shoes of another UVA student, different than you! For 20 minutes, you'll have the chance to enter the The Walk in My Shoes Experience: an immersive adventure that will make you more receptive, informed, and a better advocate for diversity on and off campus. If you want to be open-minded and embrace differences in gender identity, race, socio-economic background, age, and many other layers that make up who we are, now is a great chance to up your social intelligence and empathic wisdom.

The Walk in My Shoes Experience was proudly developed with advisor, Dallas Ducar (UVA Nursing '19), and with the country's top emotion scientists (at IASL.NEU), Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett. This fun, inspiring immersive event and has already toured at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University, during Charlottesville Pride 2019, and will be exhibited at the Boston Museum of Science and the AMA conference in 2020, while touring nationally. All you have to do to walk in the shoe is sign up, then come to the 3rd floor of Newcomb Hall at your scheduled time. You can even bring one friend and go through it together! Don't miss this opportunity to become a better listener, and learn how to take a stand for your peers. Together, we can make 2020 the most empathic and inspiring year for UVA in its history. Let's begin this January by scheduling your own personal Walk in My Shoes Experience.

Note: Single sign-ups are full for this event; however, please email if you are interested and were not able to sign up for the experience.


Sponsored by Playground of Empathy; the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; the UVA IDEA Fund; the Office for Equal Opportunity & Civil Rights/Title IX Office; and the LGBTQ Center.