The Fannie Lou Hamer Story

Event Date: 
Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 7:00pm


Woman looking up toward sky and smiling, laughing, reaching out her hands


Tickets are free and are available through the UVA Arts Box Office.


Ms. Aimbaye channelMrs. Hamertransfixing the audience in a riveting 60-minutjourney of storytelling as she tieithe present political climatothe country empowered with eleven inspiring songs and a video montage of the CiviRightmovement. Ms. Aimbaye has the power of a warrior when she speaks and the voice of an angel when she sings evoking emotions wittearojoy and paiawell as sorrow and laughter. A critic oncwrote, “When Ms. Mzuri singGod smiles and angelflap theiwings”.  Audiencewill feel the courageous spirit and determination of Mrs. Hamer’s emotional twists and turns in hetriumphant quest for human dignity and freedom.


Presented by the Office of African American Affairs and the Office of the Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity & Equity.