Breaking Silences: Lessons from Tulsa and Charlottesville

Event Date: 
Thursday, January 20, 2022 - 11:00am to 12:00pm

In May of 2021, President Joe Biden became the first president to officially commemorate the Tulsa Race Massacre, in which white mobs destroyed the all-Black Greenwood district, burning more than 1,000 businesses, churches, and homes, and murdering scores, possibly hundreds. Biden's acknowledgment of that horrific event follows decades of struggle by survivors of the massacre and local activists to break the silence of the cover-up of the massacre by Tulsa's white civic leaders. What are the lessons of struggles over memory and demands for redress for the atrocities in Tulsa for other cities confronting past atrocities or histories of injustice, such as Greensboro, North Carolina, or Charlottesville, Virginia?


  • Moderator - Kevin Gaines
  • Andrea Douglas
  • Scott Ellsworth

Format: Moderated Conversation, Virtual